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Kim Danks, CEO, Climb Any Mountain
Charity Fundraising Event
"Yet again we used On the Page Events, who liaised with the venue to make sure sound, AV, food, drinks, entertainment, layout etc. were spot on. They also sourced and managed a team of volunteer helpers for the event, making sure everyone was trained and knew how to speak with and collect monies from donors on the night. Michelle, in particular, enabled me to be fully present with the guests and regular supporters attending the event – this made a big difference to the success of the event from a fundraising perspective."

Mark Southwood, Group CEO Temple Group Ltd
Testimonial: Event Planning and Support
" Michelle coordinated an Associate event (circa 100 people) which was combined with Temple’s 15th anniversary. This involved sourcing the venue, seeking the necessary approval from the local council and tenants, sourcing the caterers, organising security, assigning roles and responsibilities and working with our in-house marketing team to oversee the communication aspect for the event. Michelle always brought a flexible and adaptable approach at all times, along with energy and focus to all areas".

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