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Supporting individuals and businesses to build their portfolios, maximise exposure and successfully increase revenue. We work with individuals and businesses to create unique, tailor made strategic plans to advance their vision and goals.

Mike Procter

We are currently working with Mike Procter to strengthen and build awareness of the Mike Procter Foundation, a charity Mike founded in 2014 and continues to passionately pursue. Working in partnership with our friends at Strategic Site Solutions we successfully designed, built and created the Foundation’s first website and are working on progressing possible synergies in order to maximise their exposure. Click to visit the Mike Procter Foundation Website.

In addition we are working with Mike to maximise his own brand awareness in order to secure work in promoting events, corporate bookings, advertisements, and much more. Again, in working with Strategic Site Solutions we have designed and created a unique profile page for Mike which is a must have for any individual starting off in the world of self promotion. Next we will start progressing Mikes personalised strategic plan.


What They Say

Natalie Moggridge, Creative Director, Curious Fair

I am the Creative Director of Curious Fair; a bespoke accessories business and I’ve been working with Michelle (On The Page Events) for a couple of years now. As a creative mind running a small start up business I was often overwhelmed with new ideas but lacked focus and clarity. I was easily distracted by opportunities that sounded exciting on the surface but essentially didn’t provide me with any business progression or increased income. Michelle guided me in reviewing my business and helped prioritise areas where I’d gain key business development and increased income. 

Natalie Moggridge, Creative Director, Curious Fair (Cont'd)

 Michelle’s friendly yet firm approach to business mentoring was just what I needed. I instantly warmed to Michelle’s enthusiastic and personable approach to mentoring whilst feeling like she was steering me in a clear direction based on my initial business aims. Michelle always goes above and beyond to provide the essential support I need in the early stages of creating my brand. Her ‘can do’ attitude brings much needed positivity and energy to each of our meetings and has made me feel supported where I’d previously felt like I was struggling to tackle issues alone. I feel so lucky to have met Michelle and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for key support in the development of their business or personal aims.

Roger Cooper & Mike Procter on behalf of the Mike Procter Foundation

 In July we had a very successful fund raising event for the Mike Procter Foundation at South Africa House in London. OnthePage Events set up and managed the event. This was professionally organised and the event was hugely successful as well as being very popular. Michelle is well organised, enthusiastic and efficient. Nothing was too much trouble to ensure the success of the event. She and her team were always prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure each aspect was as perfect as it could be on the night. Her support ensured the event was a success. We would recommend her company for any event, large or small.

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