What We Do

We advise, we support and we deliver.

We offer an incomparable, stress-free, tailor-made service to suit your individual requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the right level of support no matter the task. Offering an uncompromised quality of service at competitive rates. Whether it’s sourcing a venue, negotiating costs, organising an event, helping you turn a vision into a strategy, creating your website or delivering a project. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise.

Our Project Managers are accredited, highly skilled individuals who are able to quickly adapt, take control and successfully deliver any size project. Their ability to engage, assess and communicate at all levels will provide you with immediate confidence. Our team offers a wide array of experience having worked across different industries and sectors.

Why Us?

With a plethora of knowledge and experience, we are experts at providing the right level or support, in order to produce exceptional results. We offer an affordable, cost-effective and seamless experience designed to support you at any stage of your event or project. We pride ourselves in offering a tailor-made service to suit all circumstances. Specialising in corporate events, from seminars through to staff away days and everything in between. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Our Team

Michelle Page, Founder – On The Page Ltd

Michelle is the Founder of On The Page Limited. She has spent the majority of her career supporting highly successful Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Directors to implement change, promote growth and increase revenue. Having worked within most sectors she has a plethora of experience, knowledge and an understanding of how to create a successful business.
Over the course of the last decade, she has organised, supported and initiated many events including international gatherings. In addition, Michelle has mentored small businesses and individuals in order to drive positivity, encourage growth and inspire. She is passionate about developing others, supporting growth and providing an outstanding quality of service for her customers.

She is supported by a network of trusted individuals with whom she has worked over the course of her career. Each with exceptional work ethics, a passion to deliver high-quality outputs and customer-focused. This business model allows for resources to be perfectly matched and scaled up if the need is required. All staff come highly recommended, with appropriate background checks carried out and the necessary accreditations.


Olu Taiwo, Founder – Strategic Site Solutions

Head of Web and Graphic Design

Olu is the Founder of Strategic Site Solutions. Olu is passionate, innovative and creative. She is able to foresee what is required and provide a range of concepts, whilst working to build long-lasting relationships with her clients in order to support them for the duration. She has the natural ability to make you feel as though you have known her for a lifetime and never ceases to brighten the darkest of days.

Strategic Site Solutions provides a holistic and refreshing approach, creatively deploying all web assets with the aim of increasing your brand’s visibility.

Strategic Site Solutions design, build and develop websites and digital assets for businesses. They explore various marketing strategies to provide the best fit and are able to create full HD video eye-catching animation adverts. Whatever your digital requirements, they can create a unique tailored solution for your business.


Iyanu – Creatives Team

Iyanu has always loved taking images, often desiring to capture images that tell unique stories.

Her desire for capturing stories through pictures, stems from her fascination with history, wanting to understand the links between the past and present worlds via the lens.

She believes a picture can tell a thousand words and sometimes words are not necessary.

Iyanu brings enthusiasm and dedication to her work, and for the past two years, she has been working to create wonderful and enthralling pictures, for business, domestic and creative needs.



Roger Cooper & Mike Procter - Mike Procter Foundation
Testimonial: Event Consultancy, Planning and Support
"In July we had a very successful fundraising event for the Mike Procter Foundation at South Africa House in London. OnthePage Events set up and managed the event. This was professionally organised and the event was hugely successful as well as being very popular. Michelle is well organised, enthusiastic and efficient. Nothing was too much trouble to ensure the success of the event. She and her team were always prepared to 'go the extra mile' to ensure each aspect was as perfect as it could be on the night. Her support ensured the event was a success. We would recommend her company for any event, large or small".

Mark Southwood, Group CEO Temple Group Ltd
Testimonial: Office Projects, Business Development and Event Support
"During Michelle's time at Temple she was instrumental in the management and coordination of an office move which involved moving 3 small offices into one large premises. In addition, Michelle also worked with the business development team, successfully assisting to create a new area of the business. She created and implemented new processes, procedures and tools across the business in order to win small, straight forward work to large, complex multi-million pound contracts. Michelle was a great asset to the organisation. She always bought energy and focus to all that she did and was flexible and adaptable, as demonstrated by the many roles she held for Temple over a relatively short time period."